İhsan Nuri Pasha...

İhsan Nuri Pasha passed away. He was born in 1893 as the child of an educated family from Bitlis.He graduated from the Erzincan Military High School and the Military School in Istanbul,

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Şerif Pasha

1951 Kurdish Nationalist Sherif Pasha  last moments Italy, Catanzaro He was a great defender of the rights and legal struggle of the Kurds. He is known for his struggle against

Kurdish parties and individuals hold conference on the Treaty of Lausanne

A conference was held on Sunday on the occasion of the anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne, in the city of Lausanne in Switzerland.

the Kurdish nationalist organization "Xoybûn"

On October 5, 1927, the Kurdish nationalist organization "Xoybûn" was founded in Lebanon. The leader of Xoybûn was Celadet Ali Bedirxan.

dont be afraid

My grandmother said...

My grandmother said. Put a dog to protect your house and a cat to eat a rat . And don't give anyone your secrets and be careful of two. Ignorant save two lines .

The Kurds and Ibn Hawkal

"The Kurds are hospitable, generous, courageous and skilled in the arts". Ibn Hawkal (977) AD  

How long will the Yazidi Kurdish

How long will the Yazidi Kurdish tragedy in Shingal last? Really we began to suspect that the United Nations has ears and eyes!.


The Anfal disaster, one of the most brutal military operations

The Kurds

The Kurds spread to the geography of Kurdistan about 4000 thousand years ago.They dispersed around Lake Van, the Caucasus Region and the Tigris River.Kurds are


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Halabja massacre