The Dersim Massacre..

  Emrah Demircik :   We should never forget the Dersim Massacre and many others. We should never forget those

Kurd in Yerivan 1886

1886 ethnographic map of the then Russian province of Yerevan (now the capital of Armenia). Green is the Kurdish settlement in the Yerevan region. Map by the Census Committee of the North Caucasus Region. In the Elisafitopol Journal.

Greek historian Simokat...

Greek historian Simokata, who lived in the 600s. In 578 CE, 10,000 people from Garzan were forcibly displaced by Byzantium,

We, the NGO Nishtman Dialog...

We, the NGO Nishtman Dialog, on behalf of every KURD, call on the countries of the world to make up for the injustice done to the Kurds through the Treaty of #Lausanne in the past 99 years.