About Us

We are a group of Kurdish intellectuals living in Germany since 1980 and in the following years, on behalf of the millions of Kurds living in Europe, our historical responsibility to work for peaceful coexistence and our belief in democracy, human rights and opinion. through contemporary dialogue.

We decided to conduct our civic activism under the slogan (Nishtman Dialog) and work with philanthropists around the world to create a free satellite channel in Germany with the participation of Kurdish intellectuals abroad and at home as a free platform for all Kurdish enlightened people.

Our goal in establishing (Netman Foundation for Dialogue) and building a satellite station:

1- Defending human rights and democracy for all peoples.

2- Removing obstacles to the integration and mixing of cultures.

3- Transferring opinions and ideas to public opinion through peaceful and contemporary dialogue.

4- An awareness campaign to inform the Kurds about their history, culture and language!

5- Establishment of a legal advisory council in exile.

6- Gathering the Kurdish diaspora in exile to build an organized Kurdish lobby outside the control of the Kurdish parties.

7- Interviewing the distinguished Kurdish youth and rewarding them.

8- Complete freedom for all religions and sects to practice religious rites and rituals in Kurdistan.

9- Separation of religion from the state and political action.

10- Transferring social, cultural, scientific, literary and commercial news and displaying archives and rare manuscripts.

11- Recourse only to the judiciary and the courts to resolve all disputes by legal means, instead of the tribe and the political parties.

12- It is not only about establishing a civic organization, but rather it is about introducing a generation of Kurdish youth to their history and culture. We support change and innovation. In a historical event, we are talking about the growth of a generation between two cultures, two histories, two languages ​​but a common future!
* Share - share our experience in educational strategy and future technological, geopolitical and humanitarian trends.

13- We stimulate children's development through school, by focusing on how to make the most of the culture and civilization of the West.

14- Defining the future strategic context for the youth growth process and how to lead conceptual development.

15- He studied the steps of applying the culture of integration first, what is required and how to do it.

16- We are working to find a practical and thoughtful answer to the controversial question, is it time to adapt to the culture of the West and integrate with the civilization of Europe, or to return to Kurdistan?